I am broadly interested in using machine learning and high-throughput experimental approaches to understand the inner workings of normal and diseased cells.

My prior work included:

  • A phylogenetic analysis of two ribosome associated genes, mutations in which can cause Shwachman-Diamond Syndrome. I completed this as part of my summer research fellowship at Quest University Canada under the supervision of Dr. Marina Tourlakis.
  • The development of an assignment and its evaluation inteded to introduce undergraduates majoring in biology to bioinformatics. We piloted this assignment for the first time as part of a Molecular Genetics class in 2019.
  • Investigations into the workings of the MYC transcription factor network using genomic occupancy techniques as part of my work with the Eisenman lab at the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center.

More recently I’ve worked on a scalable method for the automated assignment of single cells based on proteomic measurements as part of a summer project with Dr. Kieran Campbell at the University of Toronto.

Currently I am rotating in Dr. Gary Bader’s lab working on a drug prediction problem for Glioblastoma using single cell RNA sequencing data.